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Parking and Field Operations

Parking at the field is limited to first come-first served. There are no RV Hookups on site so generators are recommended. 

Please also see the taxi and field operation instructions.

A Note from the President of the Glacier RCers:

Last year we were initially turned down by the FAA for a FRIA. We are in class D airspace. We had to contact our Congressmen and reapply. We now have a FRIA. Our ground footprint is approximately ¾ mile East and ¾ mile West of the center of the runway. The north limit is ¾ mile from the pilot stations. Since we are in class D airspace our altitude limit is 400’ AGL. These limitations are out of our hands.

Field Parking and Camping.JPG

Parking Map

Parking Spaces are limited. Field opens for Camper parking on Sunday June 16th so be here early!

Field and Taxi Operations

Basic Field and Taxi operations are outlined in the picture to the right. Aircraft may also be started along the pilot fences with tailpipes facing the runway. Depending on wind direction, the green or salmon colored instructions will be followed. 

Field Taxi Opearations.JPG
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